Global Industries

Global Industries
– you are in good hands
Global Industries is registered in Aarhus Denmark  with a head office and technology centre in Suzhou, China. We are delighted to offer our customers the following services: China OutSourcing, China FastTrack and Third Party Inspection.

China Outsourcing
– outsourcing of industrial production within China. Product development, tool development, quality assurance and logistics are handled by Global Industries. Actual production is delegated to approved local factories. We ensure that agreed on quality standards and delivery times are met.

China Fasttrack
– a unique industrial business hosting concept offering your company a direct presence in China with your own manufacturing, sales and engineering departments under Global Industries´ umbrella. We have been doing this for more than 15 years so have the experience to ensure a quick and cost efficient set up of your hosted business.

Third Party Inspection in China
– On site inspection of goods according to customer’s specifications and documentation.

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